Today I have some very important information to share with you.

I know that these are trying times and first & foremost, our focus is on staying healthy and COVID-19 free. I am praying for that!

With that said, we need to continue to look towards tomorrow and a brighter future for ourselves and our families.

Given the financial impact of today’s health crisis, our Gov’t has extended some unprecedented incentives for new business loans

If you have been looking to diversify, have considered alternative employment options, or recently found yourself unemployed… the information in the following video is for you!

This is a collaboration between myself and other franchise industry professionals on investment considerations during today’s environment.  Admittedly, it ran a bit longer than we’d hoped but be patient as we have a financial expert that shares some very important and timely information towards the end of the video.

**This is not a sales pitch, it’s an informational piece intended to help aid you in decisions during these times.  Staying educated is vital & that’s exactly what this piece is intended to do. Educate you. 

“Throughout this journey
of life we meet many
people along the way.
Each one has a purpose in
our life. No one we meet
is ever a coincidence.”

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with these top experts in their fields on this piece. A shout out to Charles Internicola and his talented law firm for pulling this piece together for us.

If you have any questions at all about the content in this video or want to learn more about what brands we spoke of, please contact me at or 866.311.7227.

Be safe. Be Well. Be Educated

Author: Stacie Shannon

Fusion Franchising

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