At first blush, I’ll admit… I haven’t been a believer that one can get a full body workout in only 20 minutes.  What happened to the good ‘ole 45 or 60-minute workout sessions?  As a result, I tried a set of chest presses on one of The Exercise Coaches scientifically designed machines and I quickly became a believer.

The Workout

The Exercise Coach has carved out a niche for itself in that its scientifically designed workout only requires you to work out 2x per week for only 20 minutes per session.

I know, right.  Initially, I couldn’t understand how this could be given the fitness industry has traditionally promoted 45 to 60-minute workouts at least 4-5x per week. And to boot, you have a coach working with you 1:1 for each workout.

That’s what makes The Exercise Coach stand apart.  Whether you are a busy professional, a stay-at-home-mom that finds making time for herself difficult, an athlete that is looking to improve their strength/stamina performance, a person with disabilities, or a baby boomer that is trying to stay in shape, this workout is for you.

The global fitness and health club industry generates more than 80 billion U.S. dollars in revenue per year. With the United States being the single biggest market worldwide not only in terms of revenue but in regards to the number of members in health & fitness clubs as well.

The Exercise Coach uses an Exerbotics Intelligence Platform that tracks each workout and stores clients’ data in a safe and secure manner. This technology then allows clients to track their progress from session to session all backed by scientific data.  Not only that, but on their specially designed equipment, you can track each rep you do against your baseline holding yourself accountable to do your best each and every time.

The Client

The Exercise Coach Workout has been designed for individuals of all fitness levels and almost all ages.  Its primary clientele base, though, tends to be the busy professional and the 55+ baby boomer generation.

According to Men’s Health, some of the top fitness trends in 2018, and we continue to see in 2019, including desires for personal 1:1 training, functional fitness, strength training, and fitness programs for older adults.  The Exercise Coach hits the mark on all of these fronts.

Meet Luke.  An Exercise Coach Franchise Owner

At only 24 years of age, Luke is the owner and operator of two franchise locations in Chicago, Illinois.

Prior to becoming a franchise owner, Luke started as a trainer at his Naperville, IL location following college and from there went on to become the manager.  As luck would have it, the opportunity presented itself for Luke to take the reins of ownership in April 2018 and begin his journey as The Exercise Coach franchise owner.  Given his love for the brand, Luke acquired a second location in Lincoln Park, IL in October 2019.

In Luke’s eyes, the key attributes of The Exercise Coach are “the safety and efficiency of its workout.  The machines are all computerized and have individual movements that are focused on providing a full body workout each and every time.”  Luke went on to share how each client receives a 4-digit code that they enter into the machine prior to use and it then tracks their individual workout.  The goal is for the client to achieve full fatigue in one set for each exercise they do.

For his Naperville location, Luke shared that his typical client is female between the ages 50-55. Although that is his average clientele base at that location, he has a lot of diversity in his clients.  As an example, Luke has partnered with a local golf pro and helps train local Division 1 golfers.  So from athletes to stay-at-home-moms, to busy professionals, to the baby boomers, Luke’s business can be tailored for all.

Seeing his clients’ results and his staff’s growth in the business is what excites and drives Luke each and every day. He loves hearing his clients praise their 1:1 coach and to hear their individual success stories.  Luke shared one testimonial of a client “who had diabetes and has weaned off her medication and is relying on exercise now”.

On the flip side, selling the value of a two time per week twenty-minute offering is one of the most challenging parts of his business.  According to Luke, typically when someone hears about The Exercise Coach offering “they believe it’s a fad or like there’s no way it works because it’s so short”.  That’s where his 2 FREE SESSIONS comes in. I can attest.  If you try it, you will quickly come to believe in it.

Given his 1+ years as a franchise owner, Luke has been very pleased with the support of the corporate system. From his designated regional support team to the monthly calls, Luke has been given the support he needs to successfully run and grow his business.  Not only that, but every year the franchise owners and corporate office have a retreat where they collaborate, share successes, gain continuing education and help grow the business the best they can for all.

Become the Next Exercise Coach Franchisee

Semi-passive, passive ownership allowed under certain conditions.  Multi-unit developer options are available.

Minimum financial requirements include $75k liquid cash and a $150k minimum net worth.  Total investment range:  $89k – $297k.

If you’re interested in learning more about this concept and what it takes to be an Exercise Coach franchise owner, contact me today at or shoot me a text at 866.311.7227.

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