Franchise owners of The Barre Code have gained national exposure by industry-leading publications such as SELF, ELLE, Women’s Health, BAZAAR, Business Week, and USA Today to just name a few. And the recognition continues to grow as does their franchise expansion across the United States.

Cardio. Strength. Restoration. Empowerment.  That is The Barre Code experience.

There are only a few fitness classes I haven’t tried out, and Barre is one of them. I had always envisioned that barre classes would have me standing at a bar doing ballerina poses for almost an hour and to be honest, that did not appeal to me.  But then I discovered The Barre Code.  A 60-minute barre class that is broken down into 10-minute segments focused on various aspects of your body.  Hmmm… this sounded like something I could do!  And so I did it.

I felt like (and probably looked like) a fish out of water given this was my first ever barre class.  But that didn’t stop me from giving it my all… shaking legs, aching arms and all.

The Barre Code Dallas Design District is tucked away in a trendy part of town inside a long row of upscale warehouse looking businesses and loft living areas.   The area has its own vibe and as I learned, is a perfect setting for this concept.

Upon entering I was warmly greeted by, Miso, who would instruct my class.  I was given a quick tour of the studio and shown which props we would be using for the days class, which consisted of 2 or 3 lb. hand weights and a small exercise ball.

Miso promptly started class and took us through a 50-minute full body Barre Code work out session.  The Barre Code class transitions every 10-12 minutes to work different parts of your body incorporating the chosen props during each session.  This class works to fatigue each muscle group, which I can attest results in either your legs shaking uncontrollably or arm muscles fatiguing during various strength exercises!  The class wraps up on the floor with deep stretching that brings you back to how you began, just like you came full circle.

What impressed me the most about this class?

How knowledgeable Miso (my rock star instructor) was on the various muscle groups and throughout the class, would gently correct posture to ensure each client was working the pose and position to gain full benefits of the workout and also to avoid injury.

And how challenging the workout was. I woke the next day feeling my abs burn as I rolled over in bed and still had weak legs. Unless you’ve experienced this workout, it’s hard to envision how truly difficult it is.  Holding poses for extended periods of time and doing repetitive low weight reps is pretty darn hard & definitely fatigues your muscles quickly.

My only regret after taking the Barre Code class is that I wasn’t able to also experience their other workout offerings such as the Brawl, Total Body Conditioning, and BarRestore.  So who’s ready to bring one to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for me?!


Meet Gena.  The Barre Code Dallas Design District, Studio Coordinator

I had an opportunity to visit with Gena following my class & she was delightful!  Luckily, Miso stuck around for a bit too so I was able to get the inside scoop from her, as well.


In your perspective(s), how does The Barre Code differ from other barre concepts?

Comradery.  The #1 differentiator for them is how The Barre Code goes beyond the studio.  This is evident in The Barre Code’s mantra, which is the heart and soul of their operation.  The Barre Code stands for – celebrating the differences that make us beautiful and beauty that makes a difference.

Variety.  One of The Barre Code’s classes, Brawl, has been highlighted by SELF as one of the Top 10 Workouts in the country.   And this is certainly a client favorite.

Training. Gena shared how The Barre Code requires extensive training to ensure each workout is instructed in a safe and effective way.  More to come on this…


So what type of training do you go through to be an instructor?

Gena stated that The Barre Code training “is pretty intensive”. Their in-house training lasts approximately 1-month long and includes anatomy lessons, hands-on training with a master instructor, taking and observing a designated number of classes, and are taught how to teach in a safe and secure way with proper instruction.   They are specifically taught to “educate the client” on the various parts of their body as they are working it.


How are The Barre Code classes designed?

All of the instructor routines are provided by national (i.e. corporate office).  New routines are provided each week by national and each instructor in the studio has a different routine; therefore, a client coming in every day will be able to experience new routines.  Not only that, but new music is provided monthly by national and is specially created by The Barre Code’s professional DJs.   Gena shared that she “thanks God every day” for the support of national & their amazing pre-designed workouts and playlists.  With that said, Miso shared how each instructor brings their own personality to the class even though they are very specific in how they properly instruct the class.


What do you feel are the key benefits to a barre workout?

Gena believes that strengthening and toning while being safe, are the key benefits to a barre workout.  She went on to say that it also builds confidence. And it’s fun!  She also personally believes that everyone that sticks with barre class is secretly competitive.  Not with others, but with themselves.  A kind of “I can do it this time” attitude.  It’s also a low impact workout that can be done in a time crunch and can be easily modified to adjust to an individual need. Miso went on to add that barre workouts are “approachable, and fun, and something anyone can do”.



The Final Verdict.

I am addicted! I absolutely loved everything about The Barre Code.  From their corporate dedication to helping women (and men) transform into their strongest, fittest selves to the custom designed full body workout to the people that I met upon my initial experience at the Dallas Design District studio.  The Barre Code is one-of-a-kind.

Now if only I had one to visit on a regular basis…


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