Splash and Dash

standout franchise brand in the ever-growing pet industry

Brand Summary

Splash and Dash has created a fresh and modern approach to pet grooming and wellness. Splash and Dash has garnered attention as the “Starbucks or Massage Envy” of the recession-proof $222.93 billion global pet industry, offering a unique blend of services that cater to both pets and their owners.

Splash and Dash boasts a high-tech business model that includes recurring monthly revenue streams through memberships, making it not only a pet grooming destination but also a smart business investment. The emphasis on providing a safe and secure environment for pet parents is evident, as they entrust their furry family members to a team of skilled, caring, and passionate professionals.

Splash and Dash’s forward-thinking approach extends beyond the human touch, leveraging AI technology to enhance operational efficiency and revenue generation. With a proprietary high-volume production line, each location can efficiently accommodate an impressive 60-80 dogs per day, setting it apart from traditional pet grooming businesses

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