SPAVIA delivers a luxury resort spa experience in a day spa setting that leaves you feeling AMAZING!

Relax. Escape. Thrive.  That’s the SPAVIA experience.

I’ve spent hundreds, no thousands of dollars on spa experiences & treatments over the years. Those experiences have ranged from beautiful spa resorts that cost me unmentionable amounts of $$$ to “wannabe” spas that just aren’t worth the time or little money I spent.  As a result, I’m a pretty tough critic in this area as I like to be pampered!

So when I heard about SPAVIA, this new day spa brand that’s making waves in the franchise industry, I was compelled to try it out.  Once again, I took to the road and drove 138 miles to Ankeny, Iowa on a wintry blustery Monday morning to test out the SPAVIA experience.  To not leave in you suspense, it was AMAZING!


My SPAVIA Experience.

Walking into the SPAVIA lobby, felt like coming home for the holidays.  It was warm, inviting, colorful, and cozy all at once.  I had to pause to take in the beautiful items that were displayed.  From candles to beauty products to picture frames to festive holiday goodies… all your health, beauty and Christmas shopping needs in one place!

I was warmly greeted by the receptionist and given a tablet with a questionnaire to fill out (pretty high tech)!  When SPAVIA touts their customization of your spa service they aren’t kidding.  I was amazed that not only did I get to pick my scent preferences for my services, but the music that played during them.  Picking my own music preference was definitely a first in my spa experiences and quite welcomed.

My pre-service experience then transitioned to the “Relaxation Room” where beforehand, I was presented with a SPAVIA signature robe & sandals to relax in while enjoying a hot cup of apple cider. Relaxation rooms are my fav; I adore them!  An escape from the outside, no technology to interrupt you and where quiet voices (if any) are highly encouraged.  Oh, and did I mention the warm aromatherapy neck pillow?  Ahhhhh.

This is where Maddie comes in.  Maddie was my (angel) spa esthetician.  She was so knowledgeable & engaging and even played photographer for me so I could capture some of my spa services to share!

My first treatment was a 60-min Premier Nourishing Antioxidant Wrap.  Maddie used a mixture of raw cane sugar scrub followed by a masque application and then wrapped me up in a little cocoon for my body to absorb all of this wonderfulness.  While my body was hydrating, Maddie gave me the most wonderful scalp massage with warm oil. Every single minute of this service was spent 100% on me… which was incredible.

My second and last treatment for the day was a 60-Min Premier Pumpkin Peptide Facial.  Truly, this facial ranked right up there with my all-time favs.  The product smelled incredible, almost good enough to eat.  The hot steam on my face was perfect for the wintry day.  The hot stone neck and shoulder massage was only a tease for what I imagine is a one-of-a-kind massage experience on its own. And finally, my hands were lathered with antioxidants, a hot stone placed in my palm, and then and placed in warm gloves gripped a hot stone while they healed.

I walked away feeling like a million dollars!

With the spa industry being a $17.5B dollar business industry and with ~10 new spas entering the market in the U.S. every week according to The International SPA Association (ISPA), you might be wondering what makes SPAVIA stand out?  From my perspective, I feel they’ve tapped into a segment of the spa industry that has been neglected and is creating their own niche.


SPAVIA’s Key Differentiators:

SPAVIA is a luxury spa experience in a boutique {day spa} atmosphere. Who wouldn’t love to escape to a fabulous resort and have a luxury spa experience? I would!  So that’s where SPAVIA has found its niche by incorporating all of those important amenities such as the robes, sandals, relaxation room, dim lighting, etc. and bringing them into a day spa atmosphere that provides the seclusion and solitude you so desire and crave.

A luxury spa experience at a competitive price. Who wouldn’t love to get a luxury spa experience at a competitive price? I would!  That’s what the luxury spas provide but at price points that most cannot afford.  SPAVIA’s membership program is the most affordable option, yet single services are still competitively priced.

Customization.  Who doesn’t want the experience to be all about them?  I do!  Okay, this one is significant to me. You are treated as an individual and your preferences are catered too.  You are not one of many, but a client whose experience is of the utmost importance to the staff. This was evident from being able to choose my preferred scents, to choosing my music of choice (I could have even plugged in my own iPhone music!) to the types of products used given my skin condition.

SPALEBRATIONSTMThe layout & services offered at SPAVIA are optimal for celebrations of any kind! Bridal parties, work retreats, showers, girl’s night out, family gatherings… the list goes on and on. SPAVIA is a place where groups can gather & celebrate those special moments in life.  And those celebrations can be customized to fit the occasion!


The Final Verdict.

So yes, I LOVED IT!  Definitely worth the 138-mile drive to experience SPAVIA first-hand.

So on that note, if you are looking for a franchise opportunity in an industry that is growing year over year and shows no signs of slowing down, SPAVIA is a perfect choice!  It’s a small footprint, affordable entry point, and is an emerging brand that offers an unparalleled service at a competitive price point!

If you would like more information on SPAVIA, please feel free to contact me!  I’d love to share more in a no pressure & no cost to you way.


About Me.

As an independent franchise consultant, I want to experience the brands that I am most passionate about & give an independent endorsement of those that I think are worth the investment. I know first-hand that investing in a business is a big step and one that should not be taken lightly.  Any brand-specific blog is 100% an independent experience & review; one that is not endorsed, nor initiated by the franchise brand.

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Author: Stacie Shannon

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