Renovation Sells

Renovation Sells plans and designs affordable, high impact, cosmetic renovations for homeowners who want to stay in their homes, or for people who want to get their homes “Instagram ready” for sale . We do not do any structural work like moving walls. We focus on quick, high-impact, cosmetic fixes like: painting kitchen cabinets, updating countertops, updating lighting, and replacing tile.

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Renovation Sells

What’s unique about RS, and what separates us from the average remodeler is, we primarily focus on the resale market and real estate agents are our primary referral source. We are updating the home with the buyers in mind, not the seller. At RS we have Certified Designers who use 3D technology to “virtually step into our client’s homes” to
view spaces, measure rooms, and from that create design aesthetics that are presented to the client in the form of a digital design board.

1. Strong EBITDA $286K / 24% EBITDA per territory
2. Low start-up, $75,600 – $98,200
3. Home based business NO LEASES REQUIRED
4. Truly semi-absentee or owner operator
5. Generate revenue within 60-90 days

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