From the branding to the aesthetics of the salon to the nail bar ventilation to the non-toxic products to its membership-based model, PROSE founder and CEO, Dave Crisalli, has hit the mark with the PROSE nail boutique concept.

I’ll admit, when I first learned about the PROSE brand I was unsure how this concept could be so different from the traditional local nail salons I frequent today.  All it took was one step in to the PROSE Murfreesboro, TN location to see the spa-like difference.  And I hadn’t even had my pedicure service yet.  This is truly a case that all things are not created equal.

I am a frequent visitor of nail salons.  Every two weeks, like clockwork, I am ready for a fresh manicure and pedicure.  Aside from my family, friends, workouts, and helping clients find the perfect franchise, there are few things I’m as passionate and regimented about as getting my nails done. It’s important for a girl to feel good, right?



So let me start from the beginning of my PROSE experience and how PROSE is truly unique.

You Can Book Your Service Online & Choose Your Preferred Nail Artist. This alone was fantastic.  Never before have I been able to book my manicure or pedicure online and choose my preferred technician, or “artist”, in a nail salon.

Upon Arrival, Check-In Is Via A Tablet. I was met by a PROSE Curator upon arrival and she walked me through the check-in process which included an intake form so my nail artist could customize my service to my needs. Do I have dry skin or oily skin? Brittle Nails? All of this information helps the PROSE nail artist in choosing the perfect products for me.

My Nail “Artist” – Myisha. Simply put, incredible!  Myisha shared how she went through a 1-week PROSE University course to learn about their non-toxic products and how to provide superior service, the PROSE way.  She helped me understand why PROSE has chosen non-toxic products and shared the value of each product she used on me throughout the treatment.  Myisha couldn’t have been any more engaging and her smile lit up the room!

The Boutique. This isn’t your typical nail salon.  PROSE has an elegant look and feel, yet simple model.  It focuses only on hands + feet, while providing all the extra touches of an upscale salon.  From sleek, modern plush chairs to phone charging accessories to blankets for your lap to keep you warm to a refreshment of your choice, PROSE makes you feel welcomed and pampered.

 The Membership Model. In all honesty, this is my favorite part. PROSE has developed a unique membership-based model for their clientele base.  As a PROSE client, you have the opportunity to secure two, three, four services a month or even a family membership at a cost savings.  And it can be any combination of services that you choose. In all my experience, this is a first in the nail salon industry.

Meet Chris. PROSE, Area Developer & Owner of Murfreesboro, TN location

Following my service, I had the opportunity to sit down with the owner of the PROSE, Murfreesboro location to learn a little more about the brand and why he chose to become a PROSE owner and area developer.

After being introduced to the brand and doing extensive research on the beauty industry, Chris and his wife decided to “take the plunge” and open the very first franchise location outside of the Arizona market corporate offices.  Even though PROSE is an emerging brand, this did not deter Chris.

Given Dave Crisalli’s (PROSE Founder) previous experience with growing the Massage Envy franchise system and knowing that the market exists and is thriving, made this a sound investment decision for him. Not only that but he has the ability to make a big impact in his community. While the brand is focused on changing the consumer’s expectations, they are also very focused on their employee’s.  PROSE offers its employees full-time hourly positions, in addition to health care coverage.  Options that are very rare in this type of industry.

Become the Next PROSE Franchise Owner

Semi-passive, passive ownership allowed.  Multi-unit developer options are available.

Minimum financial requirements include $150k liquid cash and a $500k minimum net worth.  Total investment range:  $500k – $600k.

If you’re interested in learning more about this concept and what it takes to be a PROSE franchise owner, contact me today at or shoot me a text at 866.311.7227.

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Author: Stacie Shannon

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