The Franchise Discovery Process

The following steps serve as a roadmap for your franchise education journey!

Step 1

As a part of this step, I will ask you to complete a
confidential online questionnaire. This questionnaire is essential to find a business that fits your
personal and financial goals

Step 2

It may feel a bit premature to start thinking about how you may finance a franchise investment. I assure you, it's not too early. If you were interested in buying a home, you would first want to know what you qualify for financing-wise. An initial call with a franchise financing specialist is critical to understanding your financing options. I have a great resource that I can introduce you to that specializes in franchise financing.

Step 3

This consult allows me to ask clarifying questions about your questionnaire responses. We will identify a not-to-exceed investment level based on your financials and comfort level. What type of ownership model do you desire? We will also dig deeper into your highest areas of interest in the various franchise segments. I'll want to understand "why" you rated specific segments the way you did. The outcome of this consult is developing a business summary that outlines what the ideal business model looks like for you.

Step 4
Presentation of Concepts

The presentation of concepts is an exciting step! Typically, I will present 6-10 concepts for your consideration. Each concept I present will meet the criteria we established together and have available territory in your desired area. I will present concepts at a high level, and as much as possible, I will give you some insight into the financial opportunity of the business. At the end of this call, I will ask you to choose the top 2-3 brands you want to learn more about.

Step 5
Discovery Process

This is where you will engage directly with the franchise brand
to learn everything from "A to Z" about it. Including financials, territory analysis, and speaking
with other owners in the system to "validate" what you are hearing

Step 6
Discovery Day

This is your opportunity to "meet the team" at a corporate level
and coming out of this step, you will receive notice if you've been approved to invest!

Step 7

You're a business owner! And we couldn't be happier for you!