Majestic Residences

Do you want to get into the senior care industry but don't want to get involved with the saturated and heavy commitment of an in-home care franchise

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Majestic Residences

This opportunity is semi-passive as you will hire an administrator who will run the day to day operations of the  Majestic business. It’s a two-fold business as revenue comes from the monthly fees that the senior pays as well as the long term increased value of the real estate. The Senior Care industry is booming, why compete with the thousands of other franchisees in the in-home care world when you can be in the senior care industry for less money and less hours. Come join the already proven successful owners and operators of Majestic Residences.

Think of it as a small assisted living facility, just in a regular residential neighborhood. You can purchase a home or lease one with our model. We will assist you in getting licensed, marketing, training and hiring of the small staff that you will need to run a great home.

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