Little Kitchen Academy

Changing Lives From Scratch

Brand Summary

Little Kitchen Academy

Little Kitchen Academy is a revolutionary culinary education brand that has redefined how children learn about cooking and food. With a strong focus on hands-on learning and a Montessori-inspired approach, Little Kitchen Academy has created a safe and nurturing environment where children aged 3 to 18 can explore the world of culinary arts while gaining essential life skills.

One of the critical pillars of Little Kitchen Academy’s vision is its signature philanthropic program, “How Can I Help.” This program encourages students to explore giving back and making a difference. Children learn about charitable organizations and causes and are empowered to choose and support initiatives they are passionate about. Little Kitchen Academy donates on behalf of every student, fostering a sense of compassion and social responsibility that extends beyond the kitchen.

With flagship venues in Vancouver, B.C., and Los Angeles, California, Little Kitchen Academy has rapidly expanded its presence to 234 locations worldwide. Its success can be attributed to strategic partnerships with industry-leading brands and a dedicated leadership team that values education and innovation. As a nearly pandemic-proof brand, Little Kitchen Academy has demonstrated resilience and adaptability, providing transformative culinary experiences even during challenging times.

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