IV Nutrition

Elevating Wellness, One Drip at a Time

Brand Summary

IV Nutrition, as explored in The Franchise Life IV Nutrition podcast, is a pioneering brand led by Dr. Jason Fechter, CEO and Co-Founder, and Jordan Reed, Franchise Development Director. Their journey began with a personal health quest, evolving into a mission to redefine functional nutrition.

Setting itself apart in the IV therapy industry, IV Nutrition customizes IV bags based on individual deficiencies, embracing a functional and holistic approach to health and wellness. With over 100 territories sold and ambitious plans for expansion, IV Nutrition is rapidly growing.

The brand’s revenue streams encompass IV drips, wellness panels, and retail supplements, with upcoming services such as semi-glutide injections and ozone therapy. This diversification ensures IV Nutrition meets a wide range of health needs.

IV Nutrition’s competitive advantages include a steadfast focus on optimal health without incorporating Botox or similar modalities, the provision of custom-made services, on-site compounding in a sterile environment, and adherence to medical regulations across the US. Additionally, the brand negotiates pricing with vendors to provide better margins for franchisees and has a proprietary construction partnership for expedited buildout

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