Innovative Sports

Where Innovation Meets Every Surface

Brand Summary

Innovative Sports Surfacing stands at the forefront of revolutionizing recreational environments with cutting-edge surfacing solutions. Established as the premier franchise model in its domain on a national scale, the brand offers a comprehensive array of installations and maintenance services, ranging from playground systems to pickleball courts and everything in between.

Distinguished by its unwavering commitment to excellence, Surfacing sets itself apart through its turnkey approach, seamlessly guiding clients from initial installation to ongoing maintenance. This holistic strategy ensures unparalleled convenience and customer satisfaction.

Prospective franchisees are welcomed into a dynamic community where passion, adaptability, and a genuine enthusiasm for the industry are celebrated. With lucrative ROI potential and average job sizes reaching six figures, Innovative Sports Surfacing presents an enticing opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to thrive in a rapidly expanding market.

As the global sports flooring market continues its upward trajectory, poised to reach $3.8 billion by 2033, Innovative Sports Surfacing stands poised to lead the charge, defining the standards of excellence in recreational surfacing solutions.

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