Image Studios 360

Join a recession-resistant, essential service business with low startup costs, a fast break-even, and great return on investment

Brand Summary

Image Studios 360

Stress-Free Business Model: Image Studios 360 has developed and engineered a successful system that empowers franchisees to control and operate their business while allowing them flexibility to focus on their goals and the things that are important to them.  Minimum Employees Required: In most cases, a franchisee operator can manage three to four
Image Studios 360 salons on their own (with the assistance of contract janitorial and repairs and maintenance people). On average, you will need to hire one employee for every fourth salon you open.

Marketing & Advertising Assistance: Now to our favorite part! Most of our franchisees are not from the beauty industry, so they may feel unsure of how to reach this niche market. Our expertise in marketing and advertising really shines as you use our fine tuned marketing plan to help all your salon studios maintain maximum capacity. Beautifully Designed Studios: We are so proud of the recognition we’ve received by several organizations for our fresh and unique design along with our powerful and effective marketing. It is a breath of fresh air compared to so many other salon studio concepts. Isn’t it time that one finally designed a space for creative individuals?

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