Ooh, la la.  If you haven’t heard, lashes are all the rage in the beauty industry today. #lashlove

Whether you want to maintain that shy girl look or transition into a Queen Bee or go all the way for the Video Vixen look… Flirty Girl Lash Studio has you covered.  All you have to do is take a look at their “Lash Book” and pick the look that fits you best.

I had a chance to visit the Flirty Girl Lash Studio in Irving, TX last month and can easily say, I was impressed.  From the moment I walked in, I loved the studio. It has a very posh but welcoming feel to it.  For my service, I opted for a lash extension.  Although I love to get gussied up, I haven’t been one for extensions.  At least not yet.

Lash lifts are amazing.  And the beauty of them is, they are all natural.  Although I didn’t get a before pic, here is a look at the process I went through and how full my natural lashes looked following my treatment.

Flirty Girl prides itself on using a safe grade adhesive and ensuring you are comfortable while you get the look you desire. I adored their zero gravity massage chairs and found it a most relaxing treatment.

I’m always intrigued by peoples journey’s so I sat down and visited with Monica Toyama, owner of the Irving Las Colinas location for a few minutes.

Meet Monica.

Monica went to school for cosmetology. She was initially interested in doing hair and once she was introduced to extensions she fell in love with it. Two weeks before graduating cosmetology school Monica was offered a position as a full-time lash stylist and focused her expertise there versus hair.

Once Monica started working as a lash stylist with Flirty Girl Lash Studio, that’s when she fell in love with the concept.  Her admiration started with the brand and its offerings then quickly transitioned to her love for the clientele base.  Monica recognized the potential that the Flirty Girl Lash Studio concept had and that’s when she decided to take the leap from lash stylist to owner of her own studio.

Monica opened her studio in August 2018. She was the very first franchise owner for the system.  As a new franchise owner, she is pleased with how her initial 6 months have gone.  She believes that Flirty Girl mostly differentiates itself with their community-based atmosphere within the franchise owner community and within their clientele base.  She said it feels like a family all around.

One of the things that have most impressed her is how quickly she was able to open her studio.  From the time she found her location and signed the lease to when she opened her doors to clients for the first time was less than 3 months.  She gives much of the credit to the Flirty Girl franchise system itself as they assisted her every step of the way in getting her business up and running.

At only 28 years of age, Monica says that “it’s very exciting but also crazy and scary to be running her own business.”  Every day is a learning process, but she’s enjoying every moment.  Her long term goals are to grow her current business and possibly open future locations given her love for the beauty industry.

Flirty Girl Lash Studio Investment Info.

Flirty Girl Lash Studios is focused on affordable pricing and the client experience. Leading in beauty innovation Flirty Girl provides:

Semi Absentee Model ( Manager Ran), multiple revenue streams, repeat demand clientele, fast growth rate, high ROI, low investment cost, and multiple unit options

Investment Range:  $246,000 – $333,000

Minimum Net Worth:  $450,000

Liquidity:  $100,000

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