EverLine Coatings

Adaptability that leans into any and all market sizes and trends

Brand Summary

EverLine Coatings

  • Adaptability that leans into any and all market sizes and trends; The approach of being a EverLine well branded, professional, values-focused company in an underdeveloped industry;
  • The use of the proprietary “Preventative Pavement Maintenance Program” that assesses and communicates required repairs and maintenance opportunities for clients in order to secure sales;
  • A regular cycle of recurring clients due to annual maintenance typically being required to ensure that properties look fantastic and reduce liability issues;
  • Demonstrated and consistent fast growth in revenues year over year for franchises in all sizes of markets, seeing an average of 58% year-over-year growth for full-time owner-operator franchise locations
  • US market is already used to the services everline provides and budgets it vs. in Canada the services are not necessarily top of mind and is a harder sell

National and regional account opportunities developed by franchisor affiliate EverLine Asset Management where work is subcontracted out to franchisees;

Access to TBL Durables, an exclusive durable traffic marking product line and equipment that is only available to EverLine franchisees – providing a marketing edge over competitors with additional solutions;

Cutting edge proprietary IT suite for franchisees to market and operate their businesses; Established supply chain relationships with manufacturers and distributors that provide a cost of goods advantage to EverLine franchisees over local competitors.

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