IV Nutrition: A Franchise That Provides A Functional Approach to Wellness

Welcome to The Franchise Life IV Nutrition podcast! In this episode, we explore the inspiring journey of IV Nutrition with Dr. Jason Fechter, the CEO and Co-Founder, and Jordan Reed, Franchise Development Director. Dr. Jason shares the story behind IV Nutrition’s inception, born out of a personal health journey and a vision to revolutionize functional nutrition.

Discover how IV Nutrition sets itself apart in the IV therapy industry by customizing IV bags based on individual deficiencies, offering a functional approach to health and wellness. Dr. Jason and Jordan discuss Ivy Nutrition’s rapid growth, with over 100 territories sold and plans to open two to six clinics per month.

Learn about Ivy Nutrition’s various revenue streams, including IV drips, wellness panels, and retail supplements. They also discuss upcoming services like semi-glutide injections and ozone therapy, expanding IV Nutrition’s offerings to meet diverse health needs.

Brand Differentiators and Competitive Advantages:

💉Focused and unwavering dedication to optimal health and wellness driven by a functional and holistic approach; without, ever incorporating Botox or similar modalities.

💉No pre-made services, ALL services are custom made: competitors often offer services made days or weeks prior to administering resulting in decreased effectiveness to clients.

💉ALL compounding or mixing of bags is done on site in a sterile environment.

💉 IV Nutrition Corporate has medical licenses across the US – set up to adapt and adhere to any regulations.
💉 Better Margins on individual vials, customized bags and oral supplements. No markups on vitamins and nutrients, the IV Nutrition Team negotiates pricing with vendors getting a high-volume discount passed directly along to Franchisees.

💉Proprietary construction partnership for expedited buildout.

Join us as we dive into the world of IV Nutrition, uncovering the innovative practices and exciting growth opportunities available today.

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