EPISODE 64: Navigating Multi-Unit Ownership with Jesse Keyser

🎙️ Welcome to “The Franchise Life”! In this episode, host Stacie delves into the world of multi-unit franchise ownership with guest Jesse Keyser, a seasoned franchise owner with over 50 locations across various brands in the United States. Join the conversation as they discuss Jesse’s journey, insights into different businesses, and his role as the 2024 chairman of the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference.

🔍 Key Points:

  • Diverse Portfolio: Jesse owns franchises in various industries, including Sport Clips, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, and Ideal Image. Learn about his experience and how he manages the different businesses.
  • From Start-up to Franchising: Explore Jesse’s entrepreneurial journey, starting with a dot com technology startup, venturing into Little Caesars, and expanding into other franchise concepts.
  • Choosing Franchises: Gain insights into Jesse’s criteria for selecting new franchise brands, emphasizing the importance of understanding the ideal customer and employee and evaluating the return on investment.
  • Managing Multiple Businesses: Jesse shares his perspective on managing over 50 locations, emphasizing the significance of inspired leadership, team building, and the importance of the district manager model.
  • Lessons Learned: Jesse reflects on key lessons from his career, emphasizing the shift from a predominantly “stick” management approach to valuing employees as assets and using the “carrot” to inspire and motivate.
  • Multi-Unit Franchising Conference: Discover the significance of the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference and why it’s a must-attend event. Jesse highlights the upcoming conference in Vegas featuring Jim Collins, the author of “Good to Great.”

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