EPISODE 63: Anchored Tiny Homes: A Real-Estate Franchise Phenomenon

EPISODE 63: Anchored Tiny Homes: A Real-Estate Franchise Phenomenon!, Stacie Shannon dives into the captivating story behind the emerging Anchored Tiny Homes franchise with Co-Founder and CEO Colton Paulhus.
Discover how the initial focus on tiny homes on wheels transformed into a thriving business, especially after the introduction of California’s law allowing accessory dwelling units (ADUs) on residential lots. Colton’s narrative takes us through the early successes, challenges, and the pivotal moment when Anchored Tiny Homes decided to pivot towards ADUs.
Fast forward to 2023, and Anchored Tiny Homes has become a franchise phenomenon, awarding over 60 territories across the United States. Colton reflects on the industry’s future, highlighting the increasing importance of ADUs in addressing housing inventory and affordability concerns. The podcast also unveils a new venture – small, affordable houses – expanding Anchored Tiny Homes’ reach and impact.
Colton shares what type of experience a franchise owner needs: “Our early successful franchisees that are up and rolling and having sales early on like Austin, Texas, Boise, Salt Lake City, are starting to crush it similar to what we’ve been doing. None of them have construction backgrounds, but they do have sales backgrounds, and they can sell to customers because this product is anywhere from $90,000 to $400,000. So you’re selling something other than a T-shirt or a hamburger, right? It’s an expensive product; you must convince people to move forward. So we’re excited about people who don’t have much construction experience because we’ve laid out the system from A to Z.”
Join us in this informative and inspiring episode as we explore the fascinating world of Anchored Tiny Homes, offering an affordable housing solution and an enticing franchise opportunity. Whether intrigued by the tiny living movement or considering a franchise investment, this episode is a must-listen.

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