Ep. 70 - Tippi Toes: Dancing into the Franchise World

Join us in this episode of The Franchise Life as we dive into the fascinating story behind Tippi Toes, a beloved brand offering mobile dance classes for kids across the US. 

Founder and CEO Sarah Nuse shares her journey from a college student waiting tables to an accidental entrepreneur, revealing how her mom’s persuasion helped her turn her childhood passion into a thriving franchise. 

Director of Franchise Development Dana DeMarino discusses the business model’s flexibility and scalability, emphasizing that a dance background isn’t required. 

Advantages of the Tippi Toes brand include:

  • Original, award-winning music written and produced by our Founders
  • Unique in the child enrichment space (not sports). ANY kid can enjoy Tippi Toes, and every kid is the star of the show, regardless of ability
  • No brick and mortar, no vehicle requirements, no experience necessary!
  • Monthly membership model: average membership is $65/student, making this affordable and accessible for most!
  • Low investment, high net profit margins
  • Second-to-none company culture

With a low investment and high-profit potential, Tippi Toes offers a unique opportunity for anyone passionate about child education and community impact. Stay tuned for insights into their exciting ROI and expansion plans.


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