Ep. 68- Culture In A Franchise. How Important Is It & How to Attain A Positive One

In today’s episode of “The Franchise Life,” Stacie sits down with Paul Linenberg, President of Gotcha Covered, to discuss the importance of building a culture within your franchise organization.

Paul shares the key elements that contribute to Gotcha Covered’s positive franchise culture, such as strongly emphasizing values such as authenticity and a client-focused approach. This commitment to a consultative and client-centric model has defined their successful business strategy and earned them an outstanding 4.9 out of 5 Google Review stars across 170 locations. 

When asked, “How does Gotcha Covered maintain their positive culture?” Paul shares, “I think I’ve realized, or it’s my belief right now, I could be completely wrong in this, but what I’m communicating about our culture is that it’s shared. It’s not owned by corporate. It’s not directed by corporate. I don’t know how to say it, but we establish our views and values and invite people to share in that, but we can’t have our owners looking to corporate.”

While discussing brands that require a high level of employees, Stacie shares that, in her experience, retaining employees should be easy if you provide a good work environment and a good culture where you can foster and grow individuals within it. However, if you constantly have a turnover of employees, then that is a sign that perhaps you need to look inward, as there might be something wrong with the culture you’re providing.

If you’re seeking insights on fostering a positive business culture, don’t miss this episode featuring Paul Linenberg. With a lifelong dedication to cultivating favorable business environments, Paul shares invaluable lessons on building a thriving workplace culture. Tune in for expert guidance on this essential aspect of business success.


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