EP. 67 - Revolutionizing Recreation: The Innovative Sports Surfacing Franchise Opportunity

In this episode of The Franchise Life podcast, Stacie sits down with Chris Parkinson from Innovative Sports Surfacing. 

Chris shares that Innovative Sports Surfacing installs and maintains a wide range of recreational surfaces, including playground systems, safety surfacing, sun shading, pickleball courts, track and field turf, artificial grass, bocce ball courts, tennis courts, and more. He highlights that Innovative Sports Surfacing is the only franchise model of its kind operating on a national level, providing a turnkey solution from installation to maintenance.

Throughout the episode, Chris emphasizes the value of the franchise’s support system, which includes a network of self-performing crews across the country. He discusses how franchisees can benefit from the brand’s established relationships with general contractors and government entities, as well as its robust lead generation system.

Chris also shares insights into the ideal candidate for an Innovative Sports Surfacing franchise, emphasizing the importance of being personable, eager to learn, and passionate about the industry. He discusses the franchise’s ROI potential, with average job sizes in the six figures and profitability targets of 20% or higher.

According to Fact.MR, the global sports flooring market in 2023 was estimated at $2.75 billion and is projected to hit $3.8 billion by 2033. 

To learn more about Innovative Sports Surfacing, reach out to stacie@fusionfranchising.com.

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