Ep. 62: Join the Skincare Revolution with the GLO30 Franchise Opportunity!

Ep. 62: Join the Skincare Revolution with the GLO30 Franchise Opportunity!  , Today’s spotlight is on GLO30, a revolutionary brand in the health and wellness segment, focusing on skincare.. Joining us is the visionary founder, Dr. Arleen Lamba.  

Dr. Lamba shares the inspiring journey of GLO30’s inception, stemming from her personal quest for effective skincare solutions. Fueled by a medical background, she delves into the intricacies of the skin cell cycle, product ingredients, and treatments. Dr. Lamba emphasizes the need for accessible and consistent skincare, leading to the birth of GLO30.

The podcast explores the unique membership model, offering a perfect facial every 30 days at a flat rate, making high-quality skincare affordable and consistent. Dr. Lamba sheds light on the decision to focus on non-invasive treatments, ensuring safety, consistency, and effectiveness for clients of all ages and skin types.

A highlight of the episode is the introduction of GLOria, an AI-based system developed by GLO30. GLOria scans members’ skin, providing real-time recommendations and collaborating with estheticians to enhance personalized treatments. This innovative approach sets GLO30 apart in the skincare industry.

The conversation delves into the franchise opportunity, with Dr. Lamba sharing insights into the employee landscape for a three-location setup. The franchise model’s success is underscored by GLO30’s impressive growth, attracting dedicated franchisees who resonate with the brand’s values.

Dr. Lamba’s passion for GLO30 is, evident in every aspect of the brand’s evolution. The episode concludes with a reflection on the founder’s role. Dr. Lamba dispels the myth of being one’s own boss, emphasizing her commitment to serving the fantastic team, hardworking employees, and loyal GLO30 members.

For those intrigued by the GLO30 franchise opportunity, contact Stacie Shannon at stacie@fusionfranchising.com. Don’t miss this insightful episode, where innovation, passion, and dedication converge in the world of skincare.

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