Ep. 60 - Unveiling the Franchise Gems: Blo Blow Dry Bar & LashKind

Step into the exciting world of franchising with Stacie Shannon as she sits down with Vanessa Yacobson, the dynamic partner behind two flourishing franchise brands – Blo Blow Dry Bar and LashKind. Vanessa shares the journey of Blo Blow Dry Bar’s inception, growth, and transformation into a successful franchise system. Discover the strategic move to bring LashKind into the portfolio, leveraging the expertise gained from Blo Blow Dry Bar. Gain insights into the meticulous training, support, and infrastructure that define responsible growth, making these franchises an attractive opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you’re passionate about delivering exceptional guest experiences and seeking a feel-good franchise with proven success, this interview is a must-watch. Dive deep into beauty, style, and entrepreneurship with Blo Blow Dry Bar and LashKind!

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