Ep. 47 - From Engineer to Cabinet Visionary: The Cabinet IQ Franchise Success Story

Welcome to “The Franchise Life” podcast! In this episode, Stacie is joined by Michael Hartel, the visionary founder and CEO of Cabinet IQ. Join Stacie as she unravels how Michael transitioned from an engineering job to real estate investments, ultimately finding his true calling in the cabinet industry.
With an eagle eye for identifying opportunities, Michael encountered a problem with cabinets during remodeling projects that sparked the birth of his business. Through sheer dedication and determination, he navigated the challenges and triumphs, eventually transforming Cabinet IQ into a thriving franchise, and has recently partnered with Raintree to grow the brand nationally.
Throughout the episode, Stacie delves into the evolution of Cabinet IQ, from its early days of full kitchen remodels to its present focus on supplying top-notch cabinets and countertops. Discover the franchise’s unique selling points, including a proprietary cabinet line and cutting-edge budgeting software that sets it apart in the industry.
Explore the business model of Cabinet IQ as Stacie and Michael discuss the intriguing “good, better, and best” pricing options for cabinets; the franchise’s investment levels; the innovative Hub and Spoke model; and the rationale behind the subcontractor model for employees.
In an engaging conversation, Stacie and Michael shed light on how Cabinet IQ empowers its subcontractors to succeed by providing comprehensive support and ensuring that job sites are primed for efficiency. Uncover the franchise’s ingenious marketing strategy, with a call center reaching out to prospects based on construction permits, and learn about the ideal attributes of a franchise owner—qualities such as caring for people, adept relationship management, and unwavering attention to detail.
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