Ep. 42 - Entrepreneur JD Busch Shaking Up the Fitness Industry with Pulse Performance Franchise

Welcome to The Franchise Life! In this episode, we are joined by JD Busch, CEO (or as he likes to call it, Chief Energy Officer) of Pulse Performance Franchise. With nearly 30 years of experience in franchising, JD is a pro when it comes to growing successful businesses.   JD’s journey in the franchise world took an exciting turn when he discovered the electric muscle stimulus (EMS) franchise concept in Europe. Believing in the potential of this concept, JD founded Pulse Performance franchise after sustaining a serious neck injury. His personal experience reinforced his belief in the power of EMS training and its ability to transform lives.   Pulse is shaking up the fitness industry by merging sciencebacked tech with a proven membership system. And with multiple revenue streams up for grabs, EMS training and EMS sculpt lead the pack as the top earners. But that’s not all – Pulse Performance goes beyond fitness. Pulse Performance Franchise goes beyond fitness. They provide a complete suite of consulting services in wellness to help franchisees achieve their goals and thrive.   So, who’s the ideal candidate for this franchise? According to JD, individuals with a background in retail services and a strong understanding of operational aspects tend to excel. Total investment, per the 2023 FDD, is $500,000 to $650,000.   Interested in learning more about Pulse Performance? To view a comprehensive summary of the brand CLICK HERE   Want to speak with Stacie regarding a franchise opportunity? Reach out today to stacie@fusionfranchising.com or book a 15-min intro call to start your franchise ownership journey! Calendly – Stacie Shannon.   We match you up with the perfect franchise concepts to meet your needs and stay with you 100% throughout the process to assist with funding needs, legal needs, accountant reviews, etc. We are your franchise partners!   Follow us on social media:   YouTube:  (3) The Franchise Life – YouTube   LinkedIn:  Stacie Shannon, MBA | LinkedIn   Instagram:  Franchising Consulting Palm Beach (@fusionfranchising) • Instagram photos and videos   Facebook:  Fusion Franchising | Facebook