Ep. 39 - Candy Cloud: A Quick Serve Beverage Shop That Is Revolutionizing The Coffee & Specialty Drink Franchise Space!

In this episode of “The Franchise Life” Podcast, Stacie sits down with Alex Edwards, Co-Founder of Candy Cloud, a quick-service beverage shop that goes beyond the drink to brew up something special that surprises and delights its customers – and keeps them coming back for more.

With 19+ core beverage options, Candy Cloud is renowned for its delightful array of coffees, boba teas, smoothies, and shakes. Not to mention, how your beverage is served in a picture perfect see-through can that is nothing short of Instagram worthy! Indeed, Candy Cloud has hit a home run on its customizable drink menu, product packaging, and high-technology system. Not to mention their corporate locations ROI, which reflects a $1.6M gross revenue, with $400k net profit from March 2022 to March 2023*.  *See the FDD Item 19 for more details!

Alex and his wife, Paityn, started Candy Cloud as a cotton-candy stand at farmers’ markets. Then, they grew into a food truck, eventually leading them to their corporate storefront in Rockford, IL. With a strong focus on the customer experience, Alex shares how the customizable menu, the self-ordering kiosk system, the importance of speed and quality, the one size option, the clear cans, the gifting program, and the loyalty points system all feed into their unique and unmatched business model. 

Candy Cloud could be a perfect fit for you if you have a passion for growing a unique business, are a system believer, have excellent people skills, enjoy managing people, and are detail-oriented. So, sit back, relax, and let’s unwrap the sweet possibilities that await you with Candy Cloud!

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