Ep. 35 - LIME Painting: A Value-Based Brand Focused on High-End Homes & Businesses!

In this episode of The Franchise Life, Nick Lopez, Founder of LIME Painting, joins Stacie.

Nick’s passion for his business and the owners in his franchise system comes through in spades as he shares how he got his start during college and continued to build upon that foundation to what would become LIME Painting.

LIME Painting was established in 2014 and started franchising in 2018. Today, LIME Painting has grown to 80 locations nationwide and is continuing its growth year over year. Although the painting industry is competitive, LIME Painting has found its niche by focusing on high-end painting, coating, surface restoration, and contracting service providers targeting homes and businesses valued within the top 30% of their market.

During the podcast, Nick and Stacie touch on “culture” and its role in the franchise system. It doesn’t go without notice that LIME isn’t just some catchy name. It’s an acronym that highlights the values of the business. LIME = Love, Integrity, Mission + Excellence. Nick shares that if “he didn’t define the culture of the business by default, it would be defined for him.” So he intentionally identified the business’s values and what it stood for from Day 1.

Nick rounds out the podcast by addressing a topic that prevents many prospective entrepreneurs from taking the first step into franchise ownership “FEAR.” Fear can be debilitating for some individuals, but not for Nick. Nick states he “has the distinct privilege to look fear head-on and define it daily.” This outlook on fear has allowed Nick to reach new heights in his success and assist countless others in reaching their business ownership goals through franchising.

As a LIME Painting franchise owner, you can utilize their brand recognition, established customer base, and proprietary software to streamline operations and grow your business. There is significant potential for revenue and expansion with opportunities for both residential and commercial painting services. LIME Painting’s commitment to exceptional quality and customer service has helped them develop a strong reputation and a loyal customer base. By becoming a LIME Painting franchise owner, you can benefit from their established brand while having the flexibility and independence of owning your own business.

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