Ep.30 - Shrinking Barriers: How Shrunk 3D is Revolutionizing Franchising

Welcome to The Franchise Life, Episode 30. In this week’s episode, Stacie is joined by Kim Marino and Scott Fletcher, of Shrunk 3D, the world’s first and only 100% mobile 3D scanning booth franchise where a customer can capture a special moment in time in seconds.

Shrunk 3D’s innovative 3D scanning technology allows you to capture and preserve your most cherished memories with unparalleled accuracy. With their life-like replicas of you, your family members, friends or even pets – the possibilities are endless!

It’s as simple as strike a pose, get scanned, and get shrunk! Shrunk 3D combines 3D printing and photogrammetry to capture a moment and deliver a tangible memory. Customers receive a truly unique and detailed product – a physical and digital replica of themselves. Turning a photo in time into a 4”-9” 3D statue printed in full HD Color!

So what kind of background do you need to be a successful Shrunk 3D franchise owner? Good question!  What you don’t need is a “tech” background!   Kim and Scott emphasize the importance of sales and marketing experience along with driven personalities to generate excitement for their product. 

What makes this endeavor unique and simplistic is that once operationalized, all backend operations such as printing and shipping are done by the corporate office so the only thing owners have to worry about is engaging customers, capturing those special moments, and uploading the images for corporate to print!

Interested in opening your own Shrunk 3D Franchise? Reach out today to stacie@fusionfranchising.com or book a 15-min intro call to start your franchise ownership journey! Calendly – Stacie Shannon.

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