In this week’s edition of The Franchise Life, Stacie sits down with the Founder & CEO of Wallaby Windows, Scott Marr, and Director of Franchise Development, Ben Rickford, to dive into Marr’s latest franchise brand, Wallaby Windows, that is positioned for exponential growth in the home-service franchise category.

Marr is no stranger to the franchising industry, having built a previous brand called Koala Insulation that has now grown to over 400 locations nationwide! Marr leverages his experience with Koala Insulation to bring his newest brand, Wallaby Windows, to the market.

Marr and Rickford share how the Wallaby Windows franchise model has been designed with the semi-absentee franchise owner in mind. Franchisees are specialists in selling the jobs and utilizing a network of subcontractors to manage the installs, allowing franchisees to focus on sales, not installation management. This structure allows its franchisees to focus on building their business vs. managing many employees.

Competitive advantages include national partnerships where franchisees benefit from the system’s buying power; state-of-the-art technology that allows for in-home quoting, same-day estimates, and product options to clients; quick ramp-up time of 60-90 days; and high ticket invoices on average of $14,426!

Whether it is your first franchise or your hundredth, Wallaby Windows provides all the tools and training you need to build a successful business in this 31B dollar industry!

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