This episode of “The Franchise Life” highlights an incredible brand called Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers. Fyzical’s Vice President of Development, Chris Hincker, joins the podcast to provide listeners with insight into what has contributed to Fyzical’s massive growth over the past ten years, resulting in over 500+ locations nationwide.

As the world’s most prominent physical therapy franchise, Fyzical sets the tone for the entire industry and has provided immense opportunities for investors nationwide to own a medical business franchise without having a medical degree! That’s right. By hiring a clinical director to oversee the practice, you can invest in Fyzical and become a part of this highly successful franchise system.

Fiyzical provides traditional physical therapy services, including injury and surgery rehabilitation and specialty services like pelvic health, audiology, etc. A big differentiator for Fyzical is their proprietary Balance and Vestibular therapy for people who suffer from balance disorders like vertigo. This offering is critical because approximately 40% of the adult population will experience balance and dizziness issues in their lifetime, and very few medical professionals treat these disorders.

And the investment opportunities are bountiful with Fyzical. With several investment models, such as owner-operator, semi-passive, and area development opportunities, potential franchisees can choose the best path that fits their lifestyle and financial goals. If you are looking for a “feel good” business with multiple revenue streams, Fyzical could be the perfect fit for you!

In 2021, Fyzical’s company-owned centers had an average gross revenue of $956,703 with an adjusted EBITDA of 22.4%, per their Item 19 in the 2021 FDD.

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