Dog Training Elite

Dog Training Elite is America’s #1 dog training franchise, with 40+ years of theory development and business management experience setting a solid foundation behind everything we do.

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Dog Training Elite

After only a few months of legal setup and on-site training! With the massive market available in the training industry, high ROI, top of the line backend management Dog systems, and our cutting-edge marketing techniques, our  Unlike many other
dog training programs, we provide personal, in-home training to of all breeds, sizes, and ages, allowing to be a real part of the process, which in-turn provides more fulfillment to both our clients and Franchise Owners. 

Dog Training Elite’s services are designed to make training fit into any lifestyle. We offer customized training program s in our clients’ homes and work around their busy schedules. Our methods have been developed with a focus on improving the quality of life for both the family and their. Our willingness to involve the family in the training and to take their individual concerns into account when developing a training plan truly set us apart from any competition out there. Another benefit to offering our training in-home is that we have no brick and mortar facility and little staff, cutting overhead costs significantly and making this a business that is extremely easy to scale.

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