2019 was certainly a year for the books. As life always does, it came up with its ups and downs but mostly it reminded me that no matter what, I am in charge of creating the life that I want & I can do anything I set my mind too.  And believe it or not, so can you.

I set some professional goals for myself. I achieved most but fell short at one very important one that has significant impacts personally.  I set some personal goals for myself and achieved some but fell short at most.  I learned that balance is a must have in life. I was reminded that striving for perfection only sets one up for failure. I know that exercise and living a healthy lifestyle allows me to be at my personal best, so this will be the top priority in 2020! And I know without a doubt that surrounding myself with amazing people in my life, both professionally and personally, only allows me to become a better version of myself.  And I have been blessed.

So enough about 2019. Looking back doesn’t propel us forward or change the past.  But taking note of where you are and where you want to be is important.  And once you do that & know the future you want for yourself…. WOW! Amazing things can happen.  But it takes big, bold, steps to get you from where you are today to where you want to be.  I’m not saying it’s easy or risk-free but is it worth it?  Heck yes! 

I was blessed with a 21-year career in the aviation industry and during that time, opened and co-owned a boutique fitness studio.  And after some long hard personal reflection, decided to leave the corporate world to focus on business ownership & entrepreneurism.  As a result, I found my absolute passion in becoming a franchise consultant/broker and helping others pursue their dreams of business ownership. 

I know what it means to leave a corporate job and guaranteed salary and invest in yourself.  It’s risky, it’s bold, some people call it crazy. And heck, I won’t lie… it can be scary. 

But what I can now call it is freedom.  Freedom to be you. Freedom to set your own goals.  Freedom to earn unlimited income.  Freedom to be your own boss.  Freedom to have control of your future.  Freedom to set your own schedule. Freedom to establish a legacy.  Freedom to be bold in every decision you make.

And this is my year to stretch out of my comfort zone and be bold. So what do I have in store for 2020?

Be healthy.  To be at my personal best, it all starts with a diet & exercise (this is where I failed in 2019)

Be present.  Enjoy the people I am with & give them my full attention.

Be brave.  Embrace social media and the power it can have in growing my business. Go live!

Educate.  Myself & others.  Learning enables us to grow as individuals.

Travel.  One of the greatest rewards of my new life is the ability to work from anywhere & everywhere.  I have wanderlust and I want to explore the world.

Invest.  Ahhh! I want to invest in another business… you guessed it.  A franchise!

Give back.  I am so blessed.  I need/want to give back to others.  Open to suggestions here!

As with life, I’m sure this list will ebb & flow throughout the year and I’ll exceed at some and fall short at others but without setting goals for myself, how can I truly be accountable & be bold?

You only have one chance at this life, so make it yours and be bold.

Are you ready to be bold? If so, I’d love to hear how….

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As an independent franchise consultant, I want to experience the brands that I am most passionate about & give an independent endorsement of those that I think are worth the investment. I know first-hand that investing in a business is a big step and one that should not be taken lightly.  Any brand-specific blog is 100% an independent experience & review; one that is not endorsed, nor initiated by the franchise brand.

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Author: Stacie Shannon

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