Yes, it can feel daunting at first.  Are you wondering, “Where the heck do I start?”

Well, that’s what we are here for… to make this a fun, quick, easy process for you… after all, this is the beginning of an amazing adventure for you in venturing in to the world of entrepreneurship (yep, being the boss woman/man you were always meant to be, or growing your existing portfolio to unprecedented levels).

So let’s break the process down (oh, and did we mention the following is of no cost to you, except perhaps a testimonial?):

Step 1: The “Get to Know You” Phase

This step lays the foundation of your journey to biz ownership. We discuss your personal and financial goals, previous business history, understand “why” you have chosen this path, and discuss next steps associated with finding that perfect franchise match.

Step 2: The “What Type of Franchise Am I Best Suited For” Phase

This is where we start the pre-qualification process and gathering important information to better understand your personal preferences in managing a franchise, your financial investment desires, and what type of business your personality and business goals are best suited for.  This is accomplished via our Zoracle OnSpot assessment that only takes 10-15 mins of your time.  Following this step… we are ready to start exploring your options!

Step 3: The “Let’s Introduce You to Some Perfect Franchise Concepts” Phase

Given our experience in the industry, we are able to reach in to our breadth of franchises that have been pre-vetted as the “best of the best” and start narrowing down that perfect match for you. At this time, we will present several franchise systems that you will have already been pre-vetted with given the data we’ve collected in the previous discussions and we’ll start to narrow down to that one perfect fit!

Step 4: The “I’m Finally Ready to Meet the Franchise” Phase

This is the most exciting stage of all: meeting your future franchise owner! We will work side-by-side with you prior to your meeting to ensure you fully understand the franchisors Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) – yep, if you haven’t met one of these babies yet, they can be daunting! But, you’ve got us so we’ll break it down for you and help aid you with questions to ask during your initial meeting with the franchisor. You will be so prepared you’ll enter that initial “get to know you” discussion with a level of confidence that is unmatched!

Step 5: The “Launch Your Franchise” Phase.

Okay, so this may actually be the most exciting stage of all! We stand corrected. At this point, you’ve selected & been approved by your franchise of choice and are ready to spring forward in to your new world of business ownership! Congratulations & cheers to your new future!

You are a force to be reckoned with… Don’t ever forget that!

Author: Stacie Shannon

Fusion Franchising

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