In this episode of The Franchise Life Podcast podcast, Stacie sits down with Brianna Keefe, Founder & CEO of Toastique. At 28 years old, Brianna was recognized as a Forbes “30 under 30” entrepreneur in 2022, along with many other recognitions. What an accomplishment!

Stacie and Brianna discuss the “Toastique” brand, a gourmet toast and juice bar focused on bringing nutritious “grab and go” dining options to communities nationwide. Toastiques focus on quality and transparency is also unparalleled. Brianna shares how each Toastique location candidly displays the derivative of their ingredients and how products are locally sourced, prepared in-house, and all-natural.

Brianna discusses the impact of having success at a young age, her passion for the brand, and the challenge of scaling while remaining consistent with the product delivered in each location. Brianna also highlights current opportunities for potential franchisees and the company’s general direction as a whole. If you’re considering franchising in the fast-casual dining industry, this episode is a must-listen!

Since offering its franchise concept in 2020, Toastique has awarded over 60 locations and continues expanding its brand nationwide.

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