Today’s episode focuses on the importance of marketing, specifically digital marketing, and how implementing an integrated marketing plan can take your small business to the next level. Jason Brian (Owner) and Michel Picard (Sales Director) of Brian Marketing Group, located in Jupiter, FL, join me to share their expertise and how they help clients navigate the many options of digital marketing. Some of the topics we cover:

Social Media – YouTube Shorts, YouTube Ad Campaigns, Instagram, Instagram Reels, Facebook, etc. Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements How all franchise brands are not created equal in their level of marketing support Whether a product or service is “googleable” and how that drives an initial marketing strategy in specific directions Importance of tracking and measuring advertisements How to vet an advertising agency, and much more. What does a reasonable pilot budget look like for Google ads? And much more…

The best approach is what makes the most sense for an individual client. And that’s why leaning on advertising experts is the best approach to utilize the monies you have to spend on advertising your business. You’ll be able to click here to learn more about Brian Marketing Group’s services.

To explore franchise opportunities and learn which ones might be the best match for you? Reach out to us today at or 319.440.0857. Please give us a follow on Instagram @fusionfranchising for future episodes.

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