NOW is the time to take a look at this emerging brand that is growing nationwide!

On occasion, I run across a brand that checks all of the boxes that I would personally look for in a brand. And, The NOW Massage is one of those brands for me. If you missed last week’s blog, I shared that  Personal Care franchises grew 9.5% in August 2020, ranking #3 in growth in August following home services and health & fitness.  And The NOW Massage falls squarely in that personal care space.

With over 40k Instagram followers today based solely on their corporate locations, The NOW Massage is poised to disrupt the massage space as it continues to grow nationally. With its initial boutiques opening up this fall in Las Vegas, NV, and Ashburn, VA, their brand will continue to grow exponentially. Almost 60 locations have been awarded to date in major cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville, Austin, and Ft. Lauderdale, to name a few.

So what makes this brand so unique? Well, take a listen to my 1:1 with Jen Olson, VP of Franchise Development for The NOW Massage. If branding and aesthetics don’t get you at first blush, then The NOW’s proprietary product line and financials should.

If you have any questions at all about the content in this video or want to learn more about The NOW Massage investment opportunity, please contact me at or 319.440.0857.

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Author: Stacie Shannon
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